Thursday, 15 September 2016


Hey y'all!

Sorry I've been absent again.  It's been one crazy busy year!
I just thought I'd drop in and let you all know that I've gone and added labels to most of my posts so that recipes are a bit easier to find now :) You're welcome!
I will try really hard to get a new recipe up for you this weekend.

Also, I wanted to share the news that Calamity Jayne Kindle ebook is going to be FREE on Amazon over the weekend!  (For all you New Zealanders reading this, it will be Sunday/Monday).  So make sure you jump on and grab yourself a copy if you haven't already, and please take a minute or two to write a quick review too please!  Even just one line will do :)
Thanks lovelies!

With the holiday season fast approaching, I have food on my mind, and I'm hoping to get a chance to rustle up some new holiday recipes and even get some pics of the actual Christmas Feast this year.  
If you have any requests of meals you'd like me to try, then please contact me on my FB page here!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!  I'm off to get organised for my 1950's style book club/clothes swap!  Fun times ahead!