Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Winter Warmers

Well it's been a bit of a rough week with me being under the weather for majority of it.  I figured this is the perfect time to introduce some of my favourite winter 'go to' recipes.  Now I've been a little slack in the photo department again and only took some of the dishes I made, so you'll just have to use your imaginations for the rest!

I'm going to start with a dessert - this was always my sisters favourite growing up, and once my hubby tried it, it soon became one of his too.  It's fair to say I make it at least twice a winter, in fact there was a time where I was making it once a week!  It's that good!  I must warn you, there is quite a lot of sugar in it, but it is a dessert so ...

Hot Fudge Pudding (self saucing)

1 1/2 C Flour                                                                               1Tbsp Cocoa
1 1/2 tsp  Baking Powder                                                        1C Sugar
3/4 tsp Salt                                                                                 3Tbsp Butter
3/4 C Milk                                                                                  3/4 Dsp Vanilla

Melt butter and mix with sugar and vanilla.  Add dry ingredients and begin mixing, adding milk as you go.
Spoon into a greased deep dish (I use a casserole dish) 
*mix will be thick and gluggy, spread it over base as best as you can.

Combine 1C Sugar, 1Tbsp Cocoa, 1Tbsp Coffee together and sprinkle over top.

Pour 1 3/4C of boiling water over top.

Bake at 180C for 45-60 mins  It will look cooked on top when done, and will bounce back when touched.  Serve with cream or ice cream.

You can also add choc chips to this, or use milo in place of cocoa.  Or a combination.

Because it's chocolate, you can use any flavour ice cream too :)

From sweet to savoury.  I'm going to share my recipe for ... wait for it ... mince!  I know right?  Exciting!  Seriously though, there is nothing better on a cold wintery day, than mince and creamy mashed potato ... mmmmm ... can you feel the warmth?
My mince, is not plain and boring.  It is full of flavour, and has an almost creamy texture to it.  I actually learned this by cooking with my Dad :)


500g mince
onion diced
carrot diced
frozen peas and corn
tomato and onion soup mix
curry powder
tin of spaghetti

Cook onions in oil until softened.  Add mince and brown, breaking big chunks down.
Add spaghetti, soup mix and curry - however much you are comfortable with.  Give it a good stir, then add water to spaghetti tin and have this nearby to add to pan.
Add veges (you can add other veges too).  Turn to low and keep it at a low bubble.  You will need to stir it regularly as it can stick to pan.  Add water as it is needed, I normally add about a half can once all ingredients are in, and then top up as required.  You're looking for a creamy looking consistency.
Heat through for roughly 20-30mins (enough time to prepare your mash).

This is great served as it is with some cheesey/creamy mashed potato and even better the next day reheated and on toast with a smattering of cheese on top.

Another great meal to make is Honey Mustard Sausages on a Carrot Mash.  I got this recipe from watching Nigel Slater on Food TV.  He always makes good hearty meals.

You need good sausages, pork or beef
wholegrain mustard (i use honeymustard here)
dijon mustard
lemon juice


Firstly prick the sausages and pop in baking dish in oven at 180C for a few minutes while you get sauce made
you need roughly 1Tbsp of each mustard and the honey - a good heaped one of honey.  If using creamed honey you will need to put in microwave for a few seconds to soften it.  Stir together until combined.  Add a splash of lemon juice, or if you have some, I use Prenzel citrus vinaigrette.
Pour over sausages and  put back in oven until cooked through.  They will be nice and sticky when they are done.
Meanwhile, chop carrots into small chunks, boil.  When soft, drain, and add a generous amount of butter, salt and pepper.  Mash.  Add some chopped fresh herbs - I use rosemary or thyme.
Serve sausages over carrot mash, and scoop a little of the sticky sauce over top :)

Hopefully you will find some use for these awesome recipes :) I always love making them.  You really can't go wrong with them.

Happy cooking!